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  • Packaging that connects with your customers.

    Our patented Accessible Pack® gives retail shoppers easy access to package contents. After sampling the product, they can easily place it back without any damage to either product or package.

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  • Packaging food without heat... COOL!

    Our round deli containers are designed for cold pasteurization, High Pressure food Processing (HPP)—resulting in fresher taste, better texture and higher nutrition.

    Learn More About HPP Round Deli Containers »


  • FreshBox™ will please all of your customers. Well, almost...

    FreshBox™ secures ready-to-eat fruits, vegetables and salads. Resistant-to-tampering features ensure that contents are fresh and safe. Our sleek design minimized materials, maximized cube utilization, reduced costs, increased shelf life, and improved structural integrity.

    Learn more about FreshBox™ »

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  • A brilliant idea, an amazing package.

    For the introduction of GE’s Energy Smart® line of high-tech LED Bulbs, we developed a radically different package. Its non-heat sealed ends, allows users to easily open the protective package to remove the encased bulb.

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  • Sealed packages without heat? What a GREEN idea!

    Ecohesive®—an earth-friendly sealing material—is cost-effective, easy to assemble, secure, and requires no heat to seal.

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    GEBlister Sm

  • A package greater than the sum of its parts.

    Johnson Outdoors asked us to design a package for its GPS enabled Minn Kota® AutoPilot.™ We developed a three-function package—it holds and protects the product, it helps install the product and after installation, protects the product’s electrical components.

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  • What came first the package or the product?

    OxiClean needed a package that could also serve as the spherical "form" for their product. Our all-in-one solution allowed them to combine the product and the package into one unit and promote the product’s ease-of-use.

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