By simulating the design, aesthetics, materials and functionality of the finished package, production prototype tooling helps our clients make informed and cost effective decisions. Manufacturing small quantities of pre-production samples, allows our engineers to check for structural design flaws and to make last-minute improvements before final tooling and larger production runs. Depending on the time-frame, need and budget, prototypes can be created from additive, renshape or polished aluminum materials.




The Additive Prototype Tool is created on a “Dimensions 3D Printer” from a 3D computer model designed by our tool and die craftsmen. This solid model is the fastest, least expensive form of prototype tooling, and is used for very basic examples of thermoformed samples.


This tooling utilizes the same 3D computer model technology for the design, but goes one step further by using a CNC machine to cut the prototype tool from a block of renshape modeling material. The result is a high quality tool which is able to produce a good, clean, quality thermoformed sample.


As with the Renshape prototype tooling, aluminum tooling is produced using CNC technology and process. The result is our highest quality form of prototype tooling, offering the best solution for production thermoformed prototype samples.

Case Study


When OxiClean® needed a package that would serve a dual function as the spherical "form" for their product, they turned to Display Pack. …

Case Study


When Meijer, one of North America's largest food retailers needed a tamper resistant package for their retail ready-to-eat produce, they turned to Display Pack. …

Case Study


When Horton Archery wanted to create visual packaging for their crossbows and accessories, they turned to Display Pack. …

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