Accessible Pack®

Our unique and patented Accessible Pack®, designed for mobile and other communication products and accessories, provides consumers complete access to the package’s contents at retail level. It is helping major brands reduce costs, while increasing sales and profits.

Available Products

Complete Tall

Complete X-Large

Complete Large

Complete Medium

Complete Small

Full Product Inspection

Allows consumers to visually and physically inspect the product before purchase.

Reduces Damaged Returns

Non-destructive accessibility features the cost of damaged package returns are greatly reduced.

Greener Package

Ecohesive coating eliminates the need for heat sealing helping to reduce both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions


Plastic: RPET, Plant-Based PET, PLA, PVC. Paperboard: Available from virgin SBS to 100% recycled stock in a range of thicknesses.


A common footprint and cavity design allows for multiple sku’s to fit in one package, arranged neatly on shelf.


This package style uses the least amount of material necessary, creating an ideal package to product ratio.

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Accessible Pack®

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