Display Box

Display Pack’s Display Boxes are designed for a variety of retail applications to display and help sell your product by giving a good visual presentation. Display Boxes are strong, have true positive lid locks and offer CardLock™, an exclusive feature that firmly holds display Insert Cards in place. In addition, attractive pricing makes the Display Box your choice for increased customer satisfaction.

Available Products

45-28 Series

37-18 Series

55-28 Series

48-18 Series

78-48 Series

78-38 Series

66-38 Series

57-29 Series

Increase Sales

Make products more visible or reintroduce older products with a new look.

Increase Productivity

The Display Box can be loaded and closed manually, semi, or fully automatically.

Reduce Start-up Costs

Stock tooling eliminates tooling expenses and start up costs are greatly reduced.

Reduced Tampering

Easily made tamper evident through the use of a label, ultra-sonic seal, or staple.

High Density Merchandising

Helps reduce the size of your package thereby increasing sales display space.

Recycle or Reuse

The recycling symbol makes recycling easy. However, they are often kept and reused by the consumer.

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