Food Packaging

Freshness you can see, Packaging you can trust™

Display Pack’s stock food packaging is inventoried and designed for a variety of food applications. It is strong and crystal clear, giving an excellent visual presentation that showcases the product.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us today to see how we can create a custom product that works for you. With competitive lead times and low tooling costs, we can create the perfect package that protects your product and supports your brand.

We know that safety & quality is your top priority so you can have peace of mind knowing that Display Pack is Safe Quality Food Level II certified through the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Available Products


Round Deli

Parfait Cups

Pineapple Cup

Produce Bowls

Square Deli Container

Dual Cavity Container

Wrap Clamshell

Veggie Trays

Party Platters

Cupcake/Muffin Clamshells

Cake Trays

Cookie Container

Bucket Lids

Herb Clamshells

Increase Sales

Make products more visible or reintroduce older products with a new look.

Reduce Costs

Stock tooling eliminates tooling expenses, greatly reducing start-up costs.

HPP Ready

Our round deli containers are designed for High Pressure food Processing (HPP)

Price/Value Leader

Manufactured to the highest standards in the industry plus great pricing combine to make Display Pack’s stock packaging your price/value leader.

Quality Engineered

Our containers have a wide, consistent flange which facilitates the sealing of flexible protective film seals. In addition, our container is designed in a way that allows for problem-free feeding through automated equipment.


Options exist for branding, tamper evident through the use of a label heat/ultra-sonic seal, and add-ons such as insert cards, labels, sleeves and more.

Other Products

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