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Choose Display Pack’s Multi-Compartment Snack Packaging For:

    • Capitalize on the $33 billion (and growing) snack food industry by providing consumers with convenient multi-compartment snacking choices that delivers the variety they seek.
    • We provide options tailored to both single-serve and multi-serve applications via our tamper evident, multi-compartment snack packs and our dual- and tri-cavity trays.
    • Our line is optimized for in-store efficiency by featuring consistently portioned cavities that eliminate the need to weigh each product prior to filling the packaging.
    • Our multi-compartment snack packaging line is made with PET material and features a #1 recycle code.
    • Our leak-resistant snack packaging line is constructed for durability with superior, modular stack-ability features that maximize your shelf space + sales per square foot.
    • Not only do we produce our multi-compartment snack packaging with a high grade FDA approved material, we’re also Safe Quality Food Level II Certified.

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