Shake N' Share®

The Original Popcorn Bucket Lid!

The theater patron enters the foyer of the theater and immediately proceeds to the concession counter to get a bucket of popcorn. They take their warm, freshly popped popcorn to the butter and seasoning station. The butter and seasoning is applied, but wait, the seasoning sticks in a clump on the stream of butter. They have purchased popcorn and already have a less then desirable experience. That is about to change with the patented, Made in America, Shake N’ Share® Lid.

Available Products

130 oz Bucket Lid

170 oz Bucket Lid

Ease of Use

After butter and seasonings have been added to the popcorn, the bucket is sealed by the Shake N’ Share® lid for easy shaking and evenly mixing of condiments throughout the bucket’s contents.

Fresh Popcorn

Seals popcorn and helps maintain freshness and flavor
longer than open buckets, promoting purchases of larger buckets.

Easier to Share

Lid doubles as a bowl making popcorn easier to share in larger quantities.

Lid Insert

Options can include made to order die-cuts to hold promotional items, and graphics for shared advertising space.

Less Cleanup

The ease of sharing reduces spilled pop-corn, resulting in lower clean-up costs.


Made of FDA approved, BPA-free plastic, the Shake N’ Share lids are recyclable.

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